Wednesday, May 31

on the correct usage of office supplies.

The hem on the right leg of my pants (trousers, need I specify ?) came undone mid-morning.

I have stapled it back in place.

I'm quite sure that is the not right thing to do, but don't have a sewing kit on me (not that I can sew, anyway) and don't want to to trip over it. Double-faced Scotch tape would be better as it wouldn't leave holes in the fabric, but there is none available here.

Monday, May 29

and... exhale...

After flipping and flopping and stressing and generally being in a tizz for the past 5 days, (should I stay or should I go now ? is the grass really greener or will it be a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire ? and why do I have to work for a living at all ? I'd make a great heiress, really. Why Paris Hilton and not me, huh ? My dress sense is way better, not to mention my taste in men - but I digress...) I did it today - signed the contract with New Employer and handed in my notice to Current Employer.


I'm relieved and happy and have managed to say the right things to Direct Boss and Bigger Boss and not antagonize anyone - which is good. I may need these people for a reference or, who knows, another job some months or years down the line.

Wednesday, May 24


I've been offered the job !

My post below was very "meh" - I'll admit that the idea of staying in the same exact business was not really a strong selling point prior to the interview as the whole point of changing jobs for me is, well, change.

But the people seem nice, and that's crucial to enjoying any job - the most exciting career in the world would still suck if you were surrounded by assholes all day. They actually had photos and decorations on their desks, and personalized surroundings. Current office is as sterile and cold as anything, no one leaves anything personal on their desks, and I think that's a highly symbolic difference.

When I was introduced around to the team they stopped working and had time for a chat and didn't look over their shoulders fearfully whenever a manager walked past. At current office, candidates are not introduced to anyone other than the execs who carry out the actual interview process, until their first day on the job. No chance for a casual talk about what it's like to work here, and no one asks the admin staff's opinion on potential new recruits. No sirree.

So yes, it's the same business, but I think things will be different. In a good way.

Now all I have to do is resign and negotiate my notice period.

Will the shit hit the fan ?

Will my boss, who is a nice enough guy personally but a killer professionally, be decent and understanding or will he take my departure as a betrayal of the Firm, or even worse, Himself ?

Stay tuned... answers next Monday.

Monday, May 22

another interview

in a little over an hour.

Same business (direct competitor in fact). Same job. Same salary.

Pros: familiar environment - easy.
Cons: probably not a big enough change from my current job - boring.

To be continued...

Sunday, May 21

I want I want I want

  • a digital camera.
  • an Ipod Nano. (I actually never listen to music on the go, but they're just so damn cute).
  • a Balenciaga motorcycle bag, the medium sized one, black. (Yes, they are sooooooo 2004, dahling, and fashionistas have since moved on to the Fendi Spy or Chloe Paddingon, but I don't care - the Motorcycle is a little bit slouchy, a little bit rock'n'roll, and I love it).
  • a full day at a fancy spa - manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, the works.
  • a personal shopper and a decent budget, perhaps at Printemps, my favorite department store. Nothing lavish, nothing fancy - am not paparazzi fodder on the red carpet at Cannes after all, but my office wardrobe is in need of an update - a couple classic suits, maybe a cashmere twin-set.
  • another room in my appartment - see, not a townhouse or a duplex with a rooftop garden - just one more room - a home office for S that would serve as a guest bedroom so I can say, "oh please, you don't need a hotel recommendation, you're welcome to stay with us !" and really mean it. The pull-out couch in the living room serves its purpose when necessary but we're all grown ups now and like our privacy and comfort, right ?

Wednesday, May 10


was fabulous as always. Have seen him 3 times now (which is not very often considering that I have loved him longer than anyone I know apart from family members, but I digress...) and every time I am afraid it won't be nearly as good as I am expecting, but it's better. Yes, I am a love-sick fan.

Anyway the real point I wanted to make was, back in the olden days of concert going, people used to hold up lighters during certain songs - tonight looking across the dark crowd, the only pinpricks of light came from the glowing digital displays of cell phones being held up.

Wednesday, May 3

S could very well dump me...

...any minute now.

I am sitting at the 'puter, in sweatpants, drinking beer and eating leftover carrot salad (garlicky!) straight out a plastic tub (which previously contained ice cream, not a fancy Tupperware).

I might even burp soon...

Am I too comfortable in this relationship ? Is that a bad thing ?

(am not seriously worried - just amused at what my "standards" used to be and how relaxed I am now...)

Monday, May 1

I take the weather personally.

Yes, I realize that is completely irrational and self-centered, but I do.

When at the end of April, beginning of May, it is cold and rainy and miserable and November-like, I feel like a mischievous meteorological deity is sticking its tongue out and thumbing its nose at me.

I want warmth and sunshine and I want it here for good, damnit, not for a couple of days, just long enough to get my hopes up before disappearing again, leaving my winter coats to work overtime and my sunglasses and sandals feeling neglected and useless.