Saturday, December 31

random thought about kitchen knives

... and how some people, even if they cook regularly, don't mind working with the dullest blades imaginable, that haven't been sharpened in years, if ever.

Why ?

And how ?

It makes the simplest prep work really difficult and time consuming, not to mention dangerous. (Yes, I may have a knife fetish, but there is a happy medium, surely.)

Thursday, December 15

one of the nicest things...

... anyone has ever said about me :

"Having C around is like having a cat on your tummy, it just makes you feel better."


Monday, December 12

Murphy’s law of haircuts

Perhaps not quite Murphy’s law but am unsure of what else to call this phenomenon…

You know how a few months after your last haircut, no matter how good the cut was, your hair reaches a stage where it has completely grown out of any recognizable style or shape ?

I usually wait a few weeks after it hits that stage to make an appointment for a new cut.

(because I’m lazy, because I keep hoping it’s just a bad hair day and that tomorrow it will look better, because although I love the salon I go to, and my hairstylist K, she is chronically late and I always end up waiting for an hour even though I have an appointment and it annoys me - but K is a nice person and a genius with scissors and I’ve known her for years so no, I won’t go anywhere else).

Well, no matter how dreadfully frumpy and limp my locks have been, as soon as I get my act together and make the appointment, all of a sudden, a little miracle of occurs and my hair looks fabulous. It has body, bounce, volume, and the unevenly grown out layers look like they were placed just so on purpose….

I don’t get it. I really don’t.

Sunday, December 11

ugh - must I go ?

Sunday morning and I have promised friends of mine I would help out in their restaurant because they are short staffed. It'll be fun enough once I'm there, and a little extra cash will come in handy. But right now I don't really feel like doing anything other than reading the NY Times online and various blogs with a second cup of coffee and then potter around the house, half-heartededly tidying, wth frequent tea breaks, in my PJs until 2 pm.

Saturday, December 10

Martha Wainwright

Saw her last night at the Nouveau Casino. Am now the proud owner of an autographed album and ticket stub, and a non-autographed pair of red boy short style underpants with "bloody mother fucking asshole" written across the butt.

I've seen her three times so far, last year when she opened and sang backup vocals for Kate & Anna McGarrigle, her mother and aunt, and then just a couple weeks ago when she opened for her brother Rufus.

It was a great concert. She is so cool. And funny. And sexy. And friendly.

OK, it's official, I have crushes on both Wainwright siblings.

(Oh, and Teddy Thompson was the opening act last night and he too is talented and cute as a button).