Saturday, February 21

30-second review - The Wrestler

Just give the man the Oscar already.

This film took all the elements of a cheesy underdog sports movie and turned them around into something that left me in an emotional stupor for the rest of the evening. 

For Rourke fans, this is a great interview on Charlie Rose. 

Wednesday, February 18

Just one of the many reasons why

...I love Pajiba so much. 

From their review of The International:  "At some point, the suspension of disbelief required by The International becomes equivalent to lynching a hippo with dental floss."

Of course I'll see it anyway, but forewarned is forearmed. I'm just in it for the eye candy.

Saturday, February 14

And a happy Valentine's day to you, too!

Seen today:
A couple in front of a clothes shop window, woman ooh-ing and ah-ing over a skirt. Man with her says curtly "That style doesn't look good on fat people".
Think they're going to have sex tonight?

Tuesday, February 10

The 2-mn serious conversation in our household

- Honey, do we have a long term plan ?
- No.
- Oh.
- I was just thinking about that this morning, actually.
- About a long term plan ?
- Well, I thought about the fact that we don't have one.
- Oh? And?
- I didn't really come to any conclusions, though.
- Well that's fine. I never have long term plans, I was just wondering if you did.
- No.
- OK.