Thursday, March 25

Good intentions.

Hypoallergenic deodorant.  
No aluminum salts, no paraben, no alcohol.  
But at the end of day, ew, what's that smell ? 
Oh wait, it's me. 

Wednesday, March 3

You know

.... that point of "too much work" when it ceases being a challenge and instead just feels like you're trying to bail water from a sinking ship with the help of a teaspoon ?  

That point when you've worked all day practically without a bathroom break, but you still have 29 items on your to-do list at 6:30 p.m. ? 

When you receive a new email every 4 minutes on average, so you barely have time to read them all, let alone act on them ? 

When you think fuck it, it won't all get done no matter how hard I try, so I might as well just play Mafia Wars on Facebook, even though all those Zynga games are kind of pathetic ?