Sunday, July 13


Yes, everyone has probably seen this already, but I can't resist posting it anyway. Because it made me cry the first couple of times I saw it and even after repeated viewings, it makes me happy and, dare I say, it actually gives me some faith and pride in humanity.

And how often can you say that about a 4 mn YouTube video ?

Isn't it fabulous

...when you have a great Friday evening and Saturday and then wake up Sunday and realize that you have another 2 full days off before having to go back to the office ?

Vive la France, and vive Bastille Day falling on a Monday this year.

Monday, July 7

My mother, the sports fan

I called my mother this evening to have a chat. It's been a couple weeks since we last spoke, which is quite a long time, for us. She hears my voice and starts to wail, "oh, I'm so sad!" and my heart sinks.

My grandmother is 100 and suffering from, well, old age. A close family friend has cancer, and seemed to be on the road to recovery, but who knows what might have happened?

- What's wrong, Maman?
- Haven't you heard? Federer lost!