Friday, April 27

Packed !

and ready to go to Amsterdam for the long weekend. Bringing too many clothes (somehow I never wear half of what I pack, no matter how long or short the trip) but showing considerable restraint by taking only 2 pairs of shoes (yes, the "only" is a bit silly, as we'll be there 3 days, but I like having options).

Anyway, have passport, train tickets, money, address of B & B, phone, camera, clean underwear - the rest is detail.

Thursday, April 26

Welcome, 14

The future is already here.

My company has had a fingerprint recognition system installed to open the front door, so instead of inserting a real key into a real lock and turning it, we now put our index finger onto a little scanning device and hey presto, the door unlocks.

The novelty will no doubt wear off, but all week I've felt like a character in a spy movie, being granted access to the top secret security clearance zone of some nebulous intelligence agency. I was the 14th employee to have my prints scanned, so the LCD display reads "Identité OK. Bienvenue, 14" as the door opens. It's all very Mission Imposible.

Sunday, April 22

Part of the process

... the democratic one, that is.

Of course I voted today, but I also volunteered to tally votes at the end of the day. A very interesting experience, seeing how the system works first hand. It's very efficient and tamper-proof - every vote gets counted by 4 people, checked and re-checked.

One disenchanted citizen and film fan wrote in an unexpected choice for the Presidency - "Robert de Niro - waouh!"

Thursday, April 5

So I'm goofing around

... and just being silly, as one does sometimes.

And S says "I'm very lucky. I have a high tolerance for weirdness".

Wednesday, April 4