Monday, December 22

Happy holidays !


Off to spend Christmas in England, then off to Auvergne for my birthday and New Year's. Two weeks vacation with my new toy - bliss.
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My top photography tip of the day


If you've taken a picture that's blurry and out of focus and just not very good, in post-processing, blur it even more, turn it into black and white, and by virtue of the photo looking more "artistic", you may just manage to convince people that was exactly the effet you were aiming for.

Or perhaps not.
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Wednesday, December 10

Should I be concerned ?

Used the computer after S. last night and couldn't help but notice that the most recent term in the Google search bar was "low frequency weapons".

Seeing that I had been out for the evening, I suppose I should be happy that he hadn't been searching for "hot lesbian nympho porn" or some such thing, but still. What an intriguing man he is.

Sunday, December 7

30 second review: Pride & Glory

Disclaimer: I would happily sit in a darkened theater to watch Edward Norton read from a phone book for 2 hours.

Well scripted, well acted, well shot rather intelligent cop thriller. By "rather intelligent" I mean it's plot and character driven as opposed to special effects and car chase driven. So OK, some of it's a little déjà vu. (Good cop, bad cop! Ooh, they're from the same family! And family is really, really important, because look, here's a Christmas dinner scene with everyone gathered around a table, and the matriarch is saintly for putting up with those rowdy men of hers, and the kids are cute as a button!) . All in all though, well worth seeing.

Tuesday, December 2


Got an e-mail today inviting me "to become a key member of the exciting new conservative bloggers central". Apparently these people believe I am "an important member of the conservative blogosphere", which is of course completely laughable. I would love to think I am an important member of any blogoshere, and hey, flattery will get you anywhere. But conservative? How on earth did these people establish their mailing list? It reminds me of the time I got a personalized brochure and letter trying to sell me what amounts to time-sharing a private jet. Wrong target audience, dudes.