Friday, September 25

Missed photo op

Just saw a girl - definitely pre-teen, maybe 10 or so - hurtling along the sidewalk on a unicycle. 

(And no, this probably isn't enough content for a blog post but I can't be bothered with Twitter, where most of my followers are spammers who get banned before I can even click on their profiles to find out who they are and why the heck they would want to follow me).

Sunday, September 20

Mars and Venus brush their teeth

When S first moved in with me, his toothbrush was yellow, and mine was blue.  Since then I've always stuck to the same color code, to avoid confusion and because, well, I admit it, I'm a creature of habit.  

Buy new toothbrushes, point out to S (not one of my more scintillating conversational topics, granted) that they have a nifty thing that's supposed to polish teeth in addition to just brushing them, and conclude perkily with, "and of course there's one of each, yellow and blue!"

Blank stare. 

- Ummmm... you mean you haven't always been using the yellow one?

- No.  I just grab whichever one is on the left.

Some things are not meant to be shared, even in the closest of relationships.  Plaque, to my mind, is one of them.

Strange days

S bought 3 pairs of shoes yesterday.  I think he's turning into me.

Thursday, September 10

30-second review - Inglorious Basterds vs. Un prophète

Granted, the movies have nothing in common other than both being about 2h30mn long.  But while every single scene, every line of dialogue in Un prophète served to move the story forward and/or reveal a bit more about the characters, Basterds felt bloated and pointlessly long, rambling on without making much of a point.  Un prophète was tense and intense all the way through.  Basterds had its moments but never lived up its opening scene. 

getting old...

Did some more strenuous than usual housework - amittedly, that's not saying much - and now I'm feeling twinges of back pain.  Eeek.