Monday, November 23

There are days

...when I enjoy Pilates and yoga classes. Not today though. Today they
were 2 hours of discomfort and inadequacy.

Sunday, November 22

A blah day...

made better by a trip to WH Smith.  Got the New Yorker's Book of Food and Drink, Foreign Tongues, and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society.   New books are always a good antidote to whatever ails you.

Then went out for dinner to a fondue place in Montmartre that serves wine out of baby bottles.  Yes, it's a bit of a tourist trap,  but it was more fun than expected.   I had last been there when I was a teenager, believe it or not, and it hadn't changed a bit.  Even the waiter was the same.  He used to be a metal worker and started working there 21 years ago, is retiring at the end of the year.  Crusty and irreverent and funny and intolerant as only an old-time Parisian waiter can be.  Plus, I scored a phone number.  I've still got it baby, whatever "it" is. 

Friday, November 13


An orange alligator/croc skin pattern iPhone case in a shop window near work has been calling me.  Sounds bling, but trust me, it's a nice shade of orange, and I wear mostly neutrals, so it's good to have a shot of color in a fun accessory.  Anyway, I assumed, as one does, that it was decent quality plastic embossed to look like leather.  Turns out, it's real, and it costs the princely sum of 490 €. 

I'm not sure what is more pathetic, that some people would actually spend that much money on a case for a phone (global financial crisis?  what's that?), or that this is the topic for my first blog post in 2 months.