Monday, January 29

3 things

1. I fell down in the Métro a week ago and still have big bruises on both knees and a scab on one. I feel like I'm 6. I can highly recommend Wolford hosiery, though, as they did not tear or run at all. Expensive, but top quality.

2. I've recently starting wearing high heels again instead of flats. Yes, this n° 2 may be a direct cause of n° 1. Never mind.

3. It's a good thing there is no Starbucks between home and office. If there was, my fondness for their chai tea lattes could very well turn into an expensive addiction, and I already smoke, so I don't need another one of those, thank you.

Sunday, January 14

Ah, Sunday brunch...

... at home. Croissants from the friendly neighborhood boulangerie, flakey and buttery and light, with good quality jam. Scrambled eggs, rich with cream and flavored with onion, cooked very very slowly until they reach the perfect consistency.

The window is wide open and the sky is blue. It feels like spring.

Thursday, January 11

Best buy of 2007!

...yes, the year is only 11 days old, but I got 2 of these at Gap Body for 1,99 euros each! Now, if only I could stop eating like a piglet and kick my butt back to yoga classes so I could look as trim as that...

Saturday, January 6

Because everyone else is doing it...

...I'll do my own "movies of 2006" round-up.

According to S - who keeps our ticket stubs - we saw 100 movies last year. Probably more, actually, because I've sure I've seen some without him, and I can't believe we've been organized enough to keep every single ticket - but anyway, that's impressive enough, isn't it? So here's a totally subjective list of my favorites of the year, more for the sake of my poor memory than anything else. Yes, it's a long list. Because I'm a very indulgent critic who can find redeeming qualities in most movies. Hey, I was even tempted to mention Snakes on a Plane. After all, it made me laugh and Samuel L. Jackson rocks. And strictly speaking, some of these may be from 2005 - but if they weren't released in France until 2006, then that's when I saw them.

Brokeback Mountain
Casino Royale
Children of Men
The Constant Gardener
Conversations with Other Women
Dans Paris
The Departed
Inside Man
Little Miss Sunshine
The New World
The Science of Sleep
The Secret Life of Words
Thank you for Smoking
United 93

Honorable mentions - otherwise known as movies that I really, really wanted to love but couldn't quite, or ones that were interesting enough to want to remember, albeit imperfect.

A Cock & Bull Story
The Ballad of Jack & Rose
Enfermés Dehors
Flags of Our Fathers
The Host
The Last Show
Mrs Hendersen Presents
Ne le dis à personne
OSS 117
Pan's Labyrinth
Pride & Prejudice
The Queen

The Worst of the Worst, otherwise known as "I'd rather gnaw my own arm off than sit through this again":

Fair Play - as painful as last year's Domino, and that says it all.
Changement d'adresse - "Woody Allen with a touch of garlic", one critic said. Woody Allen my ass. Garlic my ass.
Rosario Tijeras - a Colombian film about a hit-woman. I thought that even if the film was bad, the soundtrack should be worth listening to. Nope. Simply awful on all counts.
Comme t'y es belle - a chick-flick about a group of sisters/friends in the Jewish community in Paris. Could have been interesting, was a mess of unfunny stereotypes. Utter cringe-inducing crap.