Friday, August 29

This is the view


...from the terrace of the lovely B&B we stayed at during the second week of our vacation.

Wake up, open the door, and look right out at that valley. Fire up the cafetière, and while coffee is brewing, assemble breakfast from the fresh bread, butter, and jam that the B&B owners left outside our door before they left for work. Their work ? They grow fruit. So as an additional breakfast treat, every day there is a perfect peach. Once there was a necctarine, for variety. And I do mean perfect, only just picked, and transported just a hundred yards or so from the orchard up to the house.

Drink coffee, eat, marvel at the view, say hello to the cats if they're feeing social, and think about what to do for the rest of the day. Life is good.
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How could I resist

... an action movie called Bangkok Dangerous ? I was expecting a gloriously so-bad-it's-good B-movie extravaganza of gun fights and martial arts (Ong Bak, anyone ?), but it was just plain bad, and even the big final shoot-out was, well, boring. And it certainly didn't help that I spent the whole movie wondering why on earth Nicolas Cage had the same hairstyle as Tom Hanks in the Da Vinci Code.

Wednesday, August 27


... we are no longer on vacation. Photos are being uploaded to Flickr. One sample here.

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