Wednesday, August 29

Bad food makes me angry.

Risotto with Parma ham and mozzarella, the menu said, for 17 euros. More than I want to spend on a one-course weekday lunch, but OK, fine.

A large plate appears, a small blob of pale risotto in the middle of it. Sprinkled on top, a few slivers of prosciutto-type ham, fried and crispy, and 4 little marbles of mozzarella, the kind you might toss with some cherry tomatoes to make a twee insalata caprese. The ham is tasty, but a garnish rather than a component of the dish, and the mozzarella balls are just lying there, not warm, not melting, just plopped on top of the rice like an afterthought. Mixed throughout the (rather bland) risotto itself, some diced tomato. Not a tomato sauce, not herby sun-dried tomato, just little pieces of tomato, by now warmed through by the risotto, but uncooked and out of place.

The hell ?

Saturday, August 18

Giverny oh so lovely. My last visit was 15 years ago and Monet's garden is even more beautiful than in my memories - and I want to live in his house. Really. All it needs is an ADSL connection and some modern kitchen appliances and I could move in tomorrow. Seriously, Giverny is an easy day trip from Paris and simply wonderful. The relatively new Museum of American Art is also well worth a visit - I'm impressed at how the architect managed to design a completely modern building from scratch in an old quaint village and have it blend in the landscape so well.
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Wednesday, August 8

Absolute heresy.

Noticed via Tastespotting, this entry at Eternally Cool: Italian chef Filippo La Mantia has "recently been getting a lot of press for joining the ranks of Italian chefs who choose not to use garlic in their food, choosing other natural ingredients such as citrus and herbs instead."

Instead? Instead? Absurd - pile on the citrus and the herbs and the garlic. And I'll have wine with that and coffee and a cigarette afterwards and that if makes me stinky so be it. It's worth it.

Tuesday, August 7


Awwww, how sweet, Titi has come up to bed with me! She's a real purring machine, isn't she - so loud! I'm glad she seems happy. Oh I would love to have a cat of my own again. I wonder if S. would agree? He does like cats and I think he's be OK with it, but on the other hand it will make travelling difficult. On the other other hand how often do we really go away? Not often enough. But that may change in the future. In fact it will change. It had better. I'm bummed that we're not going anywhere this summer. But anyway, I would love a kitty. What vet would I go to, the one in the 11th? She's really great. But it's so far away. Dr. What's His Name close by is much more convenient. But not as friendly. Oh I don't know. He boards cats too. That could be useful. Can you say kennel if you're talking about a cat or is that only for dogs? Maybe it would be best to get 2 cats together right away, that way they can keep each other company during the day. And if they're both adopted at the same time, then they won't be jealous of each other. Isn't that right kitcat? Don't you agree? Oh she's so warm and soft and she smells so clean. Cats really are the best. Self-cleansing. Like vaginas. Oh my god did I really think that? I'm such a weirdo. Weird cat-lady. Come here, let me cuddle you some some. Ouch, not with the claws! That's better thank you. You're so cute. Look at that face. Look at that tummy. Ickle cutie cat. Yes you are. Yes you are so cute. Uh huh. Oh dear I am really losing it.

Titi the cat:

*Feed me.

Monday, August 6

A little moan

...about the freaking weather.

After a nice properly summery weekend - and was that really too much to ask? huh? huh? - today it's November again. Temperatures have dropped 10 ° C since yesterday and it's pouring down with rain.

What's more, the air-conditioning maintenance people have set all the thermostats in the office to 16°, so here I am shivering in spite of long sleeved shirt and trousers and closed-toe shoes, listening to the rain. On August 6th. Global warming my ass.