Sunday, January 29

Year of the Dog

My intention was to write a long ranty post about things that haven't been going so well in the past couple of weeks and the reasons I've been in a not so great mood lately - nothing big, just little annoyances that add up.

But as today is the first day of the year of Dog, I'd rather leave the negativity behind, and remind myself that the day, and therefore the year, is off to a rather good start :
  • I seem to be over my cold.
  • The sun is shining.
  • I slept very well last night and had an interesting dream involving espionnage, visiting heads of State, car chases, hiding from bad guys in old fortresses and oral sex.
  • Am enjoying a lazy Sunday morning, the coffee is good, there is cake for breakfast if I want it, I have several browsers open so I can read the NY Times magazine section and other people's blogs.
  • In accordance with the tradition that noodles must be eaten on Chinese New Year (for longevity), I just happen to have homemade bolognese sauce in the fridge which is pretty damn good if I say so myself - there is no rule that the noodles must be Chinese egg noodles and not spaghetti, after all !

Happy new year !

Friday, January 27

the one time...

I forget to do something at work when it's been crazy busy and I've been working late everyday to try and get things done, it gets picked up on and someone calls me at home, on my day off, to see whether I've done it or not...

Oh well.

(Or should that be, "oh hell" ?)

Thursday, January 26


The idea of a man named Richard William Johnson can make me laugh 'til I cry.

Silly, aren't I ?

Sunday, January 22

in the aftermath

... of a fight with S, I feel as one would, I imagine, feel like after a minor car accident.

Nothing is broken, no wounds to speak of, we have made up and are fine, but I am shaken and sore and bruised, and carry myself gingerly, as if trying to avoid sudden jolts which would revive the ache.

Thursday, January 19

Happiness is a new handbag

Shopping - I love it. For clothes, shoes and bags.
And cosmetics.
And books, and CDs.
Hell, I even like grocery shopping.

But there is something particularly satisfying about buying new handbags.

There is no getting naked in front of a mirror, in harsh lighting, to try them on. (And therefore no subsequent traumatized wailing about the size of one's ass).

There is no discomfort or blisters or teetering dangerously on high heels because they looked fabulous in the store but are treacherous on cobblestones and when running after buses.

Bags. They catch your eye, you fondle the leather, you sling them over your shoulder, you decide they're the right size for all your stuff (and if they're too small, well, you can always leave the kitchen sink at home for once), you buy them, they don't need breaking in or tailoring - instant happiness.

Wednesday, January 18

Richard Thompson

Amazing concert at the New Morning last night.
That energy !
Those lyrics !
That guitar playing !
That wry sense of humor !
That beret !

Have found myself a new musical hero.

Monday, January 16

"Inspirational" e-mails

Just received one of those, under the guise of New Year's greetings.

Among other things, it said :

"Dance as if no one was watching
Love as if you had never been hurt
Work as if you didn't need the money"

Now the first 2 lines, hokey as they may be, I can understand.

But the 3rd ? Come on, seriously ! If I didn't need the money, I wouldn't work !

Tastes NOT acquired

Darts. (can you see a theme here ?)
Custard (crème anglaise by any other name, still has an unappealing texture and pointless taste)

Sunday, January 15

Tastes acquired

... thanks to S :

Marmite (the biggie, as I previously was convinced that it was a vile, horrible substance)
Bitter shandy (less of a pansy drink than lager shandy, no ?)
Strong tea with milk and sugar (although when the tea is really fine, à la Mariage Frères, it's better plain)
Branston pickle (particularly nice when paired with Saint Nectaire cheese - our own cross-Channel fusion sandwich)

Saturday, January 14

S in front of Brighton pier

Image hosted by

This is a test. I'm playing around with and have no idea what I'm doing, really.

Friday, January 13

Friday evening

I have Bruce and the E Streeters on, loud.

I've done a load of laundry.

I've cleaned the bathroom.

I've swept the kitchen floor and cleaned the counter tops. (I should mop too but fuck it).

I've tidied, and thrown away old papers.

I've sat down at the computer with a glass of healthy V8 juice. (No booze in the house).

Damn, I really, really want a cigarette now. More than that, I deserve one.

Mrs Henderson presents

What a charming movie.

Did anyone notice that the clothes worn by Judi Dench were fantastic ? Lots of Asian-inspired motifs and fabrics. Silk and velvet. Deep rich colors.

When I'm an old lady I want to be just as formidable and witty and well dressed as her character. (Actually, I would rather like to be just as formidable and witty and well dressed right now, but it ain't happening.)

Thursday, January 12

Perusing the week's movie selection

- I'd really like to see Rumor Has It.
- What's it about ?
- Well, it's a romantic comedy...
- Oh ? (S seems doubtful)
- But I think it's a good one, it's directed by Rob Reiner ! You know ? The guy who did When Harry Met Sally ?
- Ah right... (aha, a glimmer of interest !)
- It stars Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Costner and Mark Ruffalo and Shirley MacLaine and there's a reference to Mrs Robinson, you know, the film and the soundtrack with the song by Simon & Garfunkel and...
(His eyes glaze over. Damn, I lost him at the mention of Costner... should have kept his name for last.)

Friday, January 6

Good night and good luck

Saw this last night. I really, really really wanted to love it. Ended up thinking it was OK, but very repetitive - basically it seemed as if the first 20 minutes of the film just repeated themselves over and over.

Kudos to George for making it though, in these Patriot Act days. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

(and boy, they sure smoked a lot in the 5os, didn't they ....)

Thursday, January 5

My mother

... has been staying with us for a week. It's a bit of a tradition, we always spend the week of my birthday / new year together. Of course for the past 2 years, S has been here as well.

She left yesterday and she was very touched and pleased when S offered to accompany her to the train station.

I would be touched and pleased as well, expect that I have a sneaking suspicion that his main motive for taking her was to make sure she would really leave.