Tuesday, March 24

In breaking news today,...

..."A government-financed study finds eating red meat increases the likelihood of death"

As opposed to just being born, which also increases the likelihood of death to, oh, about 100% ?

OK, when you go to the actual article it specifies "early death", but the title of the RSS feed blurb didn't say that...

Tuesday, March 17

Anger Management

First words out of my mouth this morning (aimed at my computer, thankfully, not at a human being):

"No, I don't want to change my fucking password again. Fuck off!"

Closely followed by, "Oh for fuck's sake you've got to be fucking kidding me!"  once Outlook opened and I got my emails up on screen. 

Deep breaths, and more deep breaths.

Saturday, March 14

30-second review: Pranzo di ferragosto

Charming and unpretentious film, about a middle-aged man living with his elderly mother, who ends up mamma-sitting for 3 other old ladies during a mid-August bank holiday. And that's all the plot there is. Nothing much happens. He cooks, the old ladies eat, and bicker amongst themselves, and sulk, and make up. No earth-shattering revelations about the women's pasts, no deep reflections on growing old, on time passing, on family and responsibilities. But there are looks exchanged, and quantities of white wine drunk, and a ride through Rome on a Vespa, and wrinkles galore, and how nice to hear Italian being spoken, and to see the summer sunlight, even if it is only on a movie screen.

That's not slime, that's radiance.

The text on the packaging says "(Insert name of fabulously overpriced product) intensely corrects all visible signs of aging and helps recreate the deep radiance of a visibly younger skin".

I apply in lieu of usual moisturizer and prance around S until he starts paying attention. 

-  Do I look radiantly youthful ?
-  You look slimy.

Oh.  Good thing it was only a free sample then.

Monday, March 9

Yes !

Isn't it great when you read something by an author you love that describes you perfectly ?

Case in point, Kate Atkinson in an August 2008 interview in The Times: “I was an only child and read a lot. You can be a happy adult - I am - not a happy child, or a happy child and not a happy adult. I think I was probably just too solitary.”

Sunday, March 1

Twittering, twattering

Not sure whether it's a good idea to join Twitter. Is it just another webpage to update, in addition to the blog and Facebook ? What's the difference between Twittering and the FB update thingy ? Can I be witty and interesting in 160 characters or less ? Does anyone care ? Does it matter ?