Saturday, September 29


...things have gone wrong. Not badly, but little annoyances have added up, errands that should have been simple took forever to run, the roast potatoes were still undercooked long after the chicken was done. Stuff like that.

And S. has gone to a party which I begged out of, because I'm tired and don't feel social. Which is fine, except I've just noticed the post-it note on which he carefully wrote the address, door code, and name of the host is right here next to computer instead of in his pocket. And he doesn't have a cell phone. And his phone card didn't work last time he needed to use it, and there are no coin operated phones left anywhere in the city. With some luck, he'll run into someone he knows going to the same party once he gets there, but the way things are going today ? I suspect he'll be home soon.

I'm too old go out on a Friday night and have nothing but beer and peanuts for dinner.

Thursday, September 27

"Leave the gun, take the cannoli."

Arthouse cinema playing the 3 Godfather films on 3 consecutive nights - happy me.

Sure I'd seen them before, but not at the movies, and so far apart in time I never "got" the attention to detail and continuity, the plot lines involving secondary characters, the symbolism (oranges!) in the trilogy as a whole. What a brilliant work of art.

Thursday, September 20

Several things

I love my weekly organic seasonal fruit and veggie baskets.

However we don't eat that much green salad. Cue lettuce soup, which is sort of nice but a bit insipid. Cue garlic croutons which make any soup instantly tastier.

My mother is visiting this weekend and I should be on a cleaning rampage but I can't be bothered. Will it piss off the neighbors if I procrastinate until later and start hoovering around midnight ?

I've been a lazy blogger.

That's all.