Monday, February 22

30-second review, Wolfman

The best thing about this was the constant amused glint in Anthony Hopkins' eyes.  Which makes no sense, because his character's wife slits her throat - or does she ? - and dies in his arms, he is estranged from one son and the other is horribly mutilated and killed by a mysterious beast.  But on the other hand, maybe it makes perfect sense, because old Tony is thinking "OK, so this isn't very good, but I've gotten paid, and you're still sitting in a theater watching this, so mwahahahah, suckers".

Wednesday, February 17

Self-appointed beauty police warning.

If you want to give your face a healthy glow in the dead of winter - and why not - please go easy with the self-tanner applications.  Or you run the risk of looking like the woman I saw today in the metro, with lily-white hands and a dark bronze face.

And if it's too late and you have gone down that unfortunate route, at least try to keep the fiddling with your hair, glasses, etc to a minimum so that the contrast is not so glaring.  Thank you.

Wednesday, February 10

30-second reviews

because I haven't done these in a long time.

Brothers: what, no Oscar nod for Jake Gyllenhaal ?  I'm surprised.  And it's always good to see Sam Shepard do his thing.

Sherlock Holmes: hey, it's Tony Stark !  In 19th century London !

Friday, February 5

And another thing.

I'm searching through my iTunes, trying to make a motivational playlist for the gym. However most of my music is more of the sit around and have a bourbon and another cigarette genre, rather than, "woo hoo, let's get our heart rates up!" type.

Yoga and Pilates...

... not cutting it anymore in the battle of the bulge, and the studio I went to was pretty expensive. So I've gone and joined a real gym, with cardio machines and weights and loads of those scary Les Mills classes which are all called Body Something and feature REALLY loud music and overenthusiastic fitness freaks who yell and punch the air and are probably an entirely different species than me.

The good news is they also offer Pilates so at least once a week I'll be able to take a class where I'm not the totally uncoordinated newbie.

Met with a trainer today so he could show me the ropes and he asked, as they do, what my goal was in joining the gym.

"Be able to eat more and weigh less" just got a blank stare, until I said "No, just kidding, I'd like to improve my cardiovascular fitness and maybe gain some muscular definition". Then he nodded approvingly and suggested a routine for me. But honestly, eat more, weigh less. Isn't that why everyone joins a gym ?