Friday, April 10

30-second review - Chéri

Fabulous art direction - I wanted to wear every single one of Michelle Pfeiffer's outfits (and there were many) and the interiors were stunning. 

Other than that, a disappointment.  I expected better from Stephen Frears.  The editing was seriously awkward - some cuts between scenes seemed very strange, the more serious bits of dialogue were laughable, and for a 90 minute movie, it sure felt long.  Not at all up to par with The Queen or his other work.  Too bad...

Monday, April 6

You know...

... how sometimes you just have to take the blame for something even though it's not really your fault, because in certain circumstances, saying "it's not me, it's so-and-so" would just make you look worse than calmly saying, "my fault, sorry", and even though it's taking the high road, it still sucks ? 98% percent of the time, you double-check that everything is just so, and the one time you don't , because you assume that other people do their jobs correctly, it all goes pear-shaped and you're told that you should verify instead of assuming ? half your working day is spent doing what constitutes your job, and the other half is spent writing e-mails just to cover your ass so that you have things in writing just in case you have to justify something you've done, or haven't done ? And another portion of your time is spent reading e-mails written by other people who are just covering their asses ? (And yes, of course yet more time is spent faffing around on the internet, but I didn't blow off steam from time to time my head would implode.)

Anyway. All that.

Surprising restful a short weekend away can be.   A one-hour train journey, one night in a different bed, a different city to stroll in, and I feel like I've been on holiday for a week.  Which is wonderful except that the Monday blues are all the more hard-hitting. 

Soul-destroying corporate whoredom, as I said to a friend last week.  Tongue in cheek, mostly.  Well, partly. 

Well, actually, let's face it, if I never had to work for another day again in my life it's not like I would miss the challenge, is it.  

OK, now I'm just blathering.  Enough.