Wednesday, March 3

You know

.... that point of "too much work" when it ceases being a challenge and instead just feels like you're trying to bail water from a sinking ship with the help of a teaspoon ?  

That point when you've worked all day practically without a bathroom break, but you still have 29 items on your to-do list at 6:30 p.m. ? 

When you receive a new email every 4 minutes on average, so you barely have time to read them all, let alone act on them ? 

When you think fuck it, it won't all get done no matter how hard I try, so I might as well just play Mafia Wars on Facebook, even though all those Zynga games are kind of pathetic ?



  1. oh yeah. that's been my past two or three weeks as well :-(

    I'm losing interest/energy especially as it all seems a little undoable by now and I have a long weekend coming up anyway. So that last bit is good at least!

  2. my life has been the complete opposite. Because of being at home for so long I've gotten stuck in a rut of hardly getting things done. Being under pressure and deadlines works much better for me. But I guess the best would be a middle ground between the two.

  3. annecha12:09 PM

    yes i do. but i don't right now.
    find it quite motivating sometimes, though it largely depends on what you actually have to do and why !!!

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